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RECIPE: Anti-Stress Chocolate Bliss Balls

RECIPE: Anti-Stress Chocolate Bliss Balls

These chocolate bliss balls make the perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack! They are whole food based, and packed full of nutrients that support the body through stress. Make a batch (or 2!) at the start of the week and have an easy, healthy snack to reach for when those sugar cravings hit.

Anti-Stress Chocolate Bliss Balls


½ cup almonds

½ cup cashew nuts

1/3 cup shredded coconut (plus 2-3 Tablespoons extra for rolling)

6 Medjool dates (pitted)

2 Tablespoons raw cacao powder

1 teaspoon maca powder

1 Tablespoon tahini OR almond butter

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

pinch of salt


  1. Add all ingredients into a food processor or blender and process until well combined. Add 1 Tablespoon of water or extra nut butter to blend if mixture is too dry.
  2. Roll the mixture into balls (should make abut 8-10 balls) and roll in some extra coconut if desired.
  3. Store in a container in the fridge for up to 7 days.

Why Nuts?

Almonds and cashews are rich in magnesium, B vitamins and vitamin E- all great at helping your body cope with stress.

Why Raw Cacao?

Raw cacao contains more antioxidants than any other food (antioxidant laboratory analysis confirms that there are over 25,200 antioxidants in a single spoonful of our raw cacao powder!). By weight, it contains more than blueberries, red wine, goji berries and pomegranates COMBINED!. Because of the high levels of anti-oxidants, raw cacao has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve overall heart function and circulation, and is associated with anti-aging and longevity.

-Magnesium: is key for relaxation and healing of the muscles throughout the entire body. Magnesium fights acid buildup, neutralizes toxins, calms sensitivity to pain, quiets nerves, builds strong bones and teeth and is essential for many other functions. Cacao is said to be the highest magnesium containing food on the planet.

-Theobromine: Theobromine is a chemical relative of caffeine but is not a nervous system stimulant. Raw cacao contains theobromine which is a cardiovascular stimulant, increasing heart function and blood flow with about one quarter the stimulating power of caffeine. Theobromine dilates the cardiovascular system making the heart’s job easier. Theobromine gives you a natural high without the crash!

-Serotonin: Serotonin helps us build up our “stress defense shield”. Raw cacao boosts the body’s natural production of serotonin, increasing our mood and ability to fend of stress. Magnesium and tryptophan, both necessary chemicals for the production of serotonin, are contained in raw cacao.

-Tryptophan: Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is transformed into important stress-protective neurotransmitters including serotonin and melatonin. Tryptophan is heat sensitive and therefore it is “cooked out” in many high protein foods and in conventional processed chocolate. There is at least 33% more when you use raw cacao.

-Phenethylamine (PEA): is found in abundance in cacao beans. Because PEA is heat sensitive, much of the PEA in conventional cooked and processed chocolate is missing. PEA is the adrenal-related chemical that we produce in our bodies when we fall in love. This is likely one of the main reasons why love and chocolate have such a deep connection. PEA also plays a role in increasing focus and alertness.

Raw cacao also conatins iron, chromium, vitamin C, manganese and zinc. All essential for blood health and immunity.

Why Tahini?

Sesame seeds contain many stress-relieving properties including magnesium, Thiamin (Vitamin B1) which aids proper nerve functioning and has calming properties and Tryptophan (essential for the production of ‘feel good’ hormones)

Why Dates?

Dates are high in iron and potassium (helps control your heart rate and blood pressure). They also contain some B-vitamins, vitamins A and K for healthy eyes and skin. Copper, magnesium and manganese also present in dates and provide their own unique preventive and healing functions.

Why Maca?

Maca is an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a nontoxic substance that enhances the body’s natural resistance to environmental stressors, thereby improving our ability to adapt to all kinds of stress. Maca helps to normalize and balance the body’s systems, especially the endocrine and immune systems.

Why Cinnamon?

Cinnamon has been found to help control blood sugar levels and is a healthier alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.