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What is a Meds Check?

What is a Meds Check?

What Is It?

A Meds Check is a private consultation with our pharmacist to review all the medication you take, including non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications, and natural health products (NHPs). It is typically 20-30 minutes and is covered by the Ontario Government (free!) if you are on at least 3 prescription medications for chronic conditions, and have a valid Ontario Health Card.

Why Get One?

Review your medications, treatments, and supplements to make sure you are meeting your health goals. Have questions or concerns like – “I feel I am taking too many medications”, or “I wonder if the headaches I have been getting could be caused by a new treatment I am taking”… answered!

At the end of your Meds Check, you will get a comprehensive list of medications, supplements, NHPs, etc. This is very important any time you see a new healthcare provider or specialist, to bring with you when you travel, and just to keep in your wallet in case of an emergency. Your medication list should always be up-to-date!

Benefits For You…

Our Pharmacist will screen for interactions, not just between prescription medications, but also with other over-the-counter products, vitamins, supplements, herbs, foods and health conditions.  Our Pharmacist will also review your regimen to see if there are any possible nutrient-depletions caused by medications. Optimizing your nutrition is an important part of prevention and optimal wellness.

Why We’re Different!

At Wellth, we offer a personalized approach to care. No two people are the same, and neither should your treatment plan. That last word – care – is also something we pride ourselves on here at Wellth. We take the time to get to know every one of our patients. We are not your typical ‘fast food’ approach to health care… you deserve better!

Book your Meds Check today by calling 416-504-9355 or email