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Survive The Holidays With These Tips To Help You De-Bloat, De-Stress, and Stay Energized!

Survive The Holidays With These Tips To Help You De-Bloat, De-Stress, and Stay Energized!

Holiday season is a merry time, however for many of us, it’s also a season for food babies, heightened stress, and never ending parties & events.

Today our health care team share their top tips to help get you through this holiday season while still enjoying all the food, activities and family time!


“Take digestive enzymes or bitters 15-30 minutes before those large Xmas meals! Digestive enzymes help to break down protein, carbohydrates and fats, and increase the level of digestion in the stomach, and the amount of food broken down.”

-Dr Bronwyn, Naturopathic Doctor

“Try not to get derailed in the first place, as much as possible. Holiday treats are inevitable, however it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Enjoy your favourites in the holiday feast line-up, but ensure to make sure your plate is ~3/4 filled with the nutrient dense sides like salads, veggies, protein and healthy fats.

-Stacey, Pharmacist

It’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in holiday fare as long as you do it in moderation. It’s one thing to try one shortbread cookie and one brownie with candy-cane icing (yum!), it’s another to hang out by the food table all night long scarfing down a dozen of each only to regret it later. One way to control for how much you eat is to avoid arriving to the party starving. Make sure to have a healthy snack or small meal and drink plenty of water prior to leaving for your evening’s festivities. That way you’ll be less likely to eat everything in sight in double or triple doses.

-Dr Dominika, Naturopathic Doctor


“With all the holiday bustle, ensure to give yourself time to unwind. Sleep in. Enjoy sitting by the fire or the Christmas tree. Take a yoga class. Or just remind yourself to take a few deep, conscious breaths whenever you find yourself getting stressed out. Take time to reflect on the time with loved ones and gratitude for all the abundance in your life.”

-Stacey, Pharmacist

“Allow yourself to disconnect. Turn off your phone and computer and spend more time reading, playing music, socializing with friends and family, or playing with your pet.”

-Ben, Co-founder 

“Take 20 minutes in the quiet of the morning to do something for yourself. Meditate, make a tea and read, take a long hot shower, make yourself a delicious breakfast, or sit on the couch and do nothing!”

-Melissa, Pharmacy Assistant 


“Schedule exercise into your week and prioritize it! Exercise helps to release stress, boost energy levels & elevates your mood (plus it will help to burn off that Christmas dessert).

-Kavisha, Community Wellness Manager

“It’s easy to stay coupled up inside when it’s cold out. But whenever possible – get outside! Take a walk with a family member or your dog. Opt to walk instead of taking the car or public transit whenever possible. Getting some fresh air will help give you a boost of energy.”

-Stacey, Pharmacist

“Try intermittent fasting (IF)! IF is the process of restricting your window of eating each day to 6-8 hours and fasting the remainder of the time. To get started, try to have your last meal 3 hours before bed. This allows your body to focus on detoxifying and repairing, rather than digesting food you have eaten. Next, try pushing back your breakfast by an hour.”

-Matt, Nurse Practitioner

“Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night! With the break away for work you can finally get your sleep back on track to energize you through the holidays and start the new year off right.”

-Dr Bronwyn, Naturopathic Doctor