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Is Wellth wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Wellth has a portable StopGap ramp to facilitate those with limited mobility.  Please call us prior to your visit or when you arrive in order for us to set up the ramp.  We can be reached at 416.504.WELL (9355).


Will my insurance cover the cost?

Our services are often covered through insurance, but it is best to contact your insurance provider prior to booking.


What type of practitioners work at Wellth?

Currently our clinic consists of three Naturopathic Doctors, a Nurse Practitioner (who administers cosmetic injections), two Pharmacists, a Registered Massage Therapist, and an Integrative Medicine Doctor.

We are not a walk-in clinic.


Are your practitioners certified?

Yes.  Please click here to see our current team.


Does Wellth have an on-site lab?

Wellth does not do laboratory testing on-site, however we do frequently provide patients with lab requisitions.  Lab tests are an extra cost, which is predetermined by the Ontario Government.  


How do I make a booking?

Click here or call us at 416-504-WELL(9355)

Customized Medication / Compounding

Do you accept regular (non-compounded) prescriptions?

Yes! We are a fully functioning pharmacy and can fill your current and future prescriptions.


What is compounding (customized medication) and what are its benefits?

Compounding is the preparation of a customized medication by a pharmacist to meet an individual patient’s needs. It combines the traditional role of a pharmacist and chemist with the latest medical knowledge and technology.


Benefits of Compounding / Customized Medication

  • Can’t swallow pills?  We can alter the form of your medication to a method you prefer — a liquid, rectal suppository, or transdermal gel which carries medicine through the skin.
  • Don’t like the taste / smell of your medicine?  We can add flavouring to oral medicine or essential oils to topical creams to enhance the flavour and smell.
  • Suffering from unwanted side effects? Altering the form of the medication to a cream applied topically can reduce side effects such as stomach upset/ulcers, nausea, drowsiness, etc.
  • Sensitivities to additives?  If you have allergies or an intolerance to dyes or fillers such as sugar, lactose or alcohol (or simply don’t want them in your medication), we can eliminate these components.
  • Prescribed a medication that is no longer available? We can compound medications that have been discontinued or are currently unavailable.


What kinds of prescriptions can be compounded / customized?

Compounding is available for almost all prescriptions where traditional options may not be meeting your needs. It is especially beneficial for those that require a unique dosage or want to change the form of the medication (ex. a pill made into a cream). We work closely with you and your care provider(s) to find the best option.


Do you offer delivery?

Yes! We can deliver to you almost anywhere. Contact us for details on service to your area.


Ready to learn more? Have a question? Please contact us at or 416-504- WELL(9355)