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Smart Fertility Tracker

The iFertracker is a wearable thermometer used to measure basal body temperature, a measurement used to predict the ovulation date and fertile window for women who are trying to conceive.

How it works

iFertracker continuously monitors body temperature overnight to establish true Basal Body Temperature, which has been found to occur prior to awaking. The sensor collects 20,000 temperature data pinots as you sleep, providing more accurate BBT. The device pairs with the iFertracker app to provide accurate predictions ahead of time for both your fertile window and ovulation day. Data syncs via Bluetooth and the app automatically converts it into an easy-to-read BBT chart. It’s easily and comfortably worn under the arm overnight and our advanced algorithm filters out any noise, providing you with unrivaled convenience and accuracy.

Each box includes:

  • iFertracker wearable thermometer (tested safe, battery-powered)
  • 150 double-sided adhesive patches,
  • CR2025 battery & battery tool
  • intuitive user manual